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Your drink, right where you need it. Sofa Stud is the perfect couch cup holder whether you're hanging with friends and family, or enjoying some solitude.

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Your Drink, Right Where You Want It

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Perfect for gatherings or enjoying solitude. Our sofa cup holder is great for everyone at any time and any age.

Pick A Spot...

Any spot! Your favorite seat is even better with a Sofa Stud couch cup holder by your side.

Great For New Moms

Finally, a place for moms and dads to put the bottle while you're feeding on the couch!


Built with a slim paddle fitting firmly between couch cushions and a broad base that rests securely on top, Sofa Stud protects upholstery from accidents and keeps your drink exactly where you need it.

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Easy To Clean


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Durable and Non-Toxic

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Sofa Stud®, The Revolutionary Couch Cup Holder

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Ready When You Are

Simply take your Sofa Stud and slide the paddle between the cushions, place a drink in the cup holder and you’re good.

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I am so happy I bought this. I have two little ones and dogs who are constantly knocking over drinks when we are sitting on the couch together as a family. I never knew I needed this product, and now I never want to know what it's like with out it. Absolutely amazing!
Game Changer!


This has been the best purchase ever! We love to watch movies on our couch but the coffee table is so far away. I love being able to have my water right next to me, so I can stay comfortable.
Definitely Happy!


Why didn't anyone think of this before? This is a small and simple holder that is unlike anything I've seen before...but it totally solves the problem of where to put one's drink while chilling on the couch! :) Love it and it's become a staple at our house!
So Innovative and Helfpul!


Does exactly what it promises. Held my drink in place on the couch while I watched football all day. Nice not to have to worry about spills, marks on the table, or where I’m going to put my drink. Only problem is that my wife wanted to use it for her drink... will have to buy another one!
The Thing You Didn't Know You Needed!

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Common Questions

  1. Q How much is shipping?
    A It's FREE! There's no charge for standard shipping.
  2. Q What's your return policy?
    A We guarantee that if you don't like your Sofa Stud, you can return it without hassle. No questions asked.
  3. Q Does the Sofa Stud hold large cups and coffee mugs?
    A The original Sofa Stud is designed to securely hold standard 12oz cans and bottles, as well as cups and glasses of similar size. Keep your eye out for our "Mug Worthy" sofa stud, coming soon!

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